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Tandoor Ke Angaare Se

Savour the authentic aroma of these sizzling dishes served straight from the tandoor complemented by our chef's special sauce, rice and fresh salad

Model: Chicken Tikka main
Pieces of chicken marinated in homemade yoghurt, spices and barbecued in the clay oven...
Model: Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt flavoured with Indian spices and cooked in the clay oven...
Model: Tandoori Chicken
Chicken on the bone marinated with traditional spices cooked in the clay oven..
Model: King Prawn Tandoori
King Prawns marinated in homemade yoghurt, fresh lemon juice and spices, barbecued in the clay oven...
Model: Shashlik
Skewered chicken, onions, capsicums and tomatoes barbecued until bursting with flavour...
Model: Kebabi Khazana
Tandoori chicken, seekh Kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and king prawn..
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